God is a good God, a good father, Abba father!

Everything we do hinges on this one truth. God is a good God, a good and loving Father. Everything we do and believe flows out of this reality. God is good! Therefore everything He does and everything he does through us comes out of His goodness. It is this conviction that allows us to see life through eyes of faith instead of fear and present God as a a good Father to the world around us.

Pursuing His Presence

We value experiencing the manifest presence of God above all else. We believe that God’s presence is the path to life as Psalms 16:11 tells us, “You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” We are committed to entreating and Hosting the presence of God 24/7. When we live in the manifest presence of God, everything we need and even want in life is possible.


This is the highest priority for Dwelling Place as we pursue the presence of God. It is in a life of worship that the Father comes and enthrones himself with us, and it is then that He is able to lead us into Kingdom purposes and plans that he has set out for us to accomplish. We have found that rebuilding the tabernacle of David through worship is the key to pursuing His manifest presence.


We believe that healing in body, soul, and spirit is God’s plan for us. Healing is for today and is the fruit of the Glory of God being released upon the church. Jesus brought healing into this realm and therefore it is ours to experience in a supernatural life. Because of this we value ministry that seeks to see healing as a part of our daily lives. We believe in the miraculous life of signs and wonders and that healing declares that God is the God He says He is.


Isaiah 61 is the heart of Dwelling place and all of the ministry that we do. It is our desire to see a breakthrough anointing come to bring full restoration in our lives. We believe in the full cycle of restoration. Saved, healed, and set free to then go on to see others saved, healed and set free. The goal of restoration is to be restored and then go on to see the restoration and transformation of our city,  region, and even the nations.


We believe that life flows through honour and is the foundation for receiving from the Lord. We believe in honouring those over us, honouring those who come to minister to us, and honouring those all around us.

We believe each person is significant and has “gold” in them. We do not look not for what a person is not, but for who they are. We believe that honour calls people to their greatness, therefore Dwelling place has chosen to create and foster an environment where honour is the culture in which we live life together.

Living in the Blessing of God

Because God is a good Father, He wants His children to be blessed. He has called us to live a blessed life so that we can be a blessing to those around us. A blessed life brings glory to the Father and shows the world that He is a good Father. It is our desire to help engage each person with the ability to grow into a life of blessing and all that it means for them.